4 Entry-Level Jobs That Bring Home the Bucks

For newly graduated candidates, finding a position that offers you more than decent pay is unheard of. However, they do exist and are in demand now more than ever. Below you will find four career areas where the starting pay is rather generous in nature, and get you on your path to career success.

Environmental engineer

The U.S. Department of Labor states that folks with a bachelor’s in engineering have the greatest beginning salary potential. Environmental engineers, to be exact, make among the highest starting salaries there is. Most positions in the field begin at an apprentice level, which gradually lead to a position with more independence and management. The average starting pay is around $68, 628, with many positions in need of filling.

Network systems/data communications analyst

Information technology is a rapidly growing field where getting field certification is more valuable than a formal education. So no worries if you don’t have a computer science degree. Experts believe that once you develop an area of expertise in areas like enterprise software or network securities, you can quickly become the person to look to solve company problems. You can eventually become the head of IT if your skills show a level high enough to lead. Starting salary for network systems/data communications analysts begin at $61K.

Marketing research analyst

Consumer-driven industries use and rely heavily on market data generate to make sound business decisions. No matter if the field is in high-tech to biotech, retail to hospitality, the market data is a necessity for these companies to function successfully. Candidates to be considered for these positions usually have a background in business marketing or in statistics. Starting salaries for market research analysts begin at $58K.

Financial Analyst

For recent graduates looking to find a position that require a business, finance, or statistics education, consider taking a job as a financial analyst. Jobs are plentiful even though the financial sector took a hit this last year. Companies are looking to rebuild what was lost, and utilizing financial analysts to research and recommend investments is what’s on their plate at the moment. Starting salaries for financial analysts begin at $60K.

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How To Obtain An Entry Level Job

Job vacancies have been a major problem for most graduates for the past years. There was a limited opportunity for the increasing number of newly graduated students. In recent years however, the government has created various job opportunities to streamline the increasing number of the unemployed. There are now entry level jobs where the majority of unemployed can grab and start the path to success.

For those who have a bachelor’s degree in engineering have the potential to have the highest starting salary. Environmental engineers for example can start being an apprentice while receiving the highest starting salary. Later on, they will gradually increase in salary as their position too gradually steps up with more independence and personnel management.

The advent of technology in the recent years has also opened a fresh opportunity in the field of information technology. On this field, the applicant doesn’t necessarily need to have a bachelor’s degree. A certification is enough and if you have the best skills, you can be the head of the company’s IT department later on. In addition, those applicants who have the ability to solve company’s complex network and data issues have the highest tendency to be employed. Also, there is no need to wait for a higher position just to have a convincing salary; being an information or data analyst has already a satisfactory starting salary.

Those who have background in business marketing have the opportunity to be employed on consumer-based industries. In this field of business, business venture relies much on market data. Company functions well if there are data to guide. Therefore, what is needed for them field is marketing research analyst. Because this field of business does a constant marketing research, they need to have the best analyst. Consequently, the salary rate also comes in competition for the highest one in order to get the best employee.

Lastly, financial institutions right are now are looking for employees that can give them the best financial research analysis; also can recommend valuable investments considering that every financial institutions have suffered much in the recent financial degradation. A finance analyst applicant must have the background either of business, finance or statistics. This field of business offers a great starting salary too compared to other entry level jobs.

Selecting Entry Level Finance Jobs

Now that you have your degree, how do you begin the path to your new career? Getting your foot in the door you have chosen begins with an entry level finance job. There are several directions you can go from here. Most businesses today require a person of financial authority. Your degree, coupled with specialized training (often provided by the company who hires you) will make you eligible for such positions as:

· Broker
· Corporate Accountant
· Financial Planner
· Government/Management Consultant
· Investment Banker
· Loan Officer
· Trader

Many corporate finance positions allow for assistants, which is an ideal place to start. Assistants may have opportunities to learn from seasoned financial managers. Employment as a commercial bank teller is a common entry level finance job. Experience in a commercial or private bank will prepare you for other opportunities in the finance world.

You may choose the more interactive positions of real estate which offers a variety of jobs. Real estate needs your financial knowledge advising buyers, whether corporate or individual, on their property investments. There are also other types of jobs such as a community developer or appraiser.

All aspects of retail business will benefit from a financial background. Your finance degree would provide for such entry level jobs as sales positions, retail management, buyer, and company trainer.

Perhaps you prefer non-profit organizations. These offer some entirely different sides of finance jobs: fundraising and grant-writing. Best done by financially savvy persons, your knowledge and experience would be welcome in these positions. You would also be useful in the marketing field, or doing market research for any type of business.

If you enjoy being creative, you should look into a career with advertising. Any advertising company would appreciate your financial experience. Managing production, media and public relations and company accounting are just a few entry level finance positions.

Once you have researched a variety of entry level finance jobs, your next step is to submit your resume to several that you feel are a good fit, and begin your new career, ready to share your finance knowledge!

Marketing Your Entry-Level Career

The fact that changing technology and ‘progress’ are creating job opportunities in the most unexpected areas is a plus. This means that marketing or creating a need for your qualifications is crucial.

o Entry level candidates are cheap, plentiful, and easily found. Your resume needs to reflect an aspect that will make you stand out from the crowd and will help create a demand for your profile. You need to highlight a USP (unique selling point), whether it is an internship or professional training. If you worked and paid your way through your training, you will project yourself as a hardworking, committed person. Self discipline and time management are the character traits that will follow from you financing your education.

o Presentation of your qualifications and background is the make or break point. You will have 35 to 60 seconds to pique the interest of the employer – that is how long it will take them to read your resume and decide whether to invest the time in meeting you to decide if you can be groomed for a career in the organization.

o The employer has to decide whether your qualifications and background are likely to have given you the personality traits that you will require to succeed in a competitive world.

o Presentation or first appearances are very important. Your resume should be well written, grammatically correct, well laid out and balanced between brevity and informative. Big words, jargon and over-formatting tend to be overkill. Simple things like spacing, font size and general layout enhance clarity and readability.

There are divided opinions on the importance of an entry-level job. One school of thought says that the kind of job is not most important, as first jobs tend to be short jobs while the candidate continues to look out for a better job. The other school of thought says that entry level jobs could be an extended practical internship, therefore making the job content more important than the compensation.

Entry level jobs give a candidate a taste of the demands of a career and the sacrifices that have to be made to further a career. It is a testing ground for them to put their knowledge to practical use and exposes them to the unprotected environment of an office where everybody is trying to prove themselves. On the positive side, entry-level jobs can also give you the satisfaction of proving your competence.

How to Target Prospective Employers

o The placement office in your school is the most obvious place to start, especially since most institutions have campus recruitment programs. In addition, smaller organizations may not qualify for a slot in the campus recruitment schedule, but would be happy to recruit just one or two candidates. Technical jobs are best placed through this route as technology based organizations find this the most efficient way of filling in their entry-level positions.

o The Internet is the easiest and most accessible point for prospective employers. Resist the temptation to blindly send out your resume. Try and target your most suitable prospective employers where you are going to be able to get the experience that will bolster the qualifications you have acquired. Try and find out their correct mailing details and send them a customized and personalized job application – this will be more impressive.

o Cold calling is similar to sending out your resume on the Internet. It involves handing in your resume at offices that work in your area of expertise. This is more laborious and would restrict you to your area of location.

o Placement agencies get a variety of job requirements to fill. They are also likely to be able to give you some broad knowledge on the industry and the organization to which they will send your resume. They will also give you an idea of what kind of remuneration you can expect.

Your entry-level job is an important practical extension to the educational qualifications you have gained. Getting the right kind of job will provide focus to your career. Your first job is also likely to leave a lasting impression on you and will also help you form your work habits that you will use for the rest of your career.

Entry Level Finance Jobs

Looking for any type of job can be full of obstacles and challenges especially with the current job market climate. There is stiff competition out there and many individuals are more than qualified to take you on once you have graduated. To get to the management level, you have to acquire a special set of skills and high level of experience. If you have just graduated and are looking for employment, there are ways to get to these positions by selecting the right entry level job.

When looking for this type of jobs you have to carefully assess your short term goals. Are you in it to gain experience, a good salary or to keep busy? If your aim is a good salary then you should target working with an international corporation or a big bank. For those who want to gain experience and rise through the ranks, then you can look for entry level employment in smaller companies where you will have contact with the executives and managers.

It is also advisable that you consider the growth opportunities that are available for exceptional finance graduates. If you work for a big organization, there is a chance of you rising in rank within the company and the industry in general. For the individual in a smaller company it may be difficult since the positions are few.

Another thing you need to consider is the nature of the job that you accept. If you want to be in direct contact with clients and help them out, then you can work as financial planner or advisor. It is important to take all these things into consideration as your entry level position will map out your career in the finance industry.